I’d like a “Word” with you…

This game has made me totally indecent.

The social calendar is as barren as our front lawn; the early-setting sun is making everybody sleepy far too early; only a steady infusion of hot tea can keep me warm until April.

Still, something compels me to throw off the down quilt at 6 a.m., pull on my robe and dash downstairs each morning. It’s a small beacon of pleasure in this otherwise bleak season, the size of a pack of cigarettes and every bit as guilty.

Within six minutes, Mr. Coffee is humming and sighing in my ear and I am getting ready to pummel my brother-in-law. Not physically – he lives 4,000 miles away, in Switzerland – but with words. More specifically, Words With Friends.

For the uninitiated, Words With Friends is a wildly popular pseudo-Scrabble game made by Zynga for smart phones. You can start games with individual friends and play them from anywhere. They’ve changed the point values of the letters and rearranged the locations of the double- and triple-word spaces just enough to avoid legal hot water with Hasbro. I splurged $1.99 for the version without the ads for Zynga’s other games, which include annoying characters that look like Bratz dolls.

Unlike regulation Scrabble, which requires a lost turn if you try to play a word that isn’t a word, WWF is more forgiving. It simply calls you on the bullshit word and makes you try again, without losing a turn. So you can fearlessly push the etymology envelope, and the game can easily devolve into a rugby-ized version of Scrabble. We’ve learned about many words that we never knew were words – such as qi, suq, qat, and za. Don’t ask me what they mean…we play them without looking them up.

WWF is so addictive that Alec Baldwin got kicked off a plane because he could not stop playing. I am addicted as well, and my ever-growing list of competitors and fellow addicts now includes my book group friend Amy, brothers-in-law Tom and Rich, mother-in-law Lois, cousin Lorraine, husband Bob and four of my six children – Rachel, Ryan, Ben and John.  People whom I haven’t seen in years, and acquaintances of acquaintances, are trying to hook up with me for some WWF play via Facebook.

It certainly has brought out a side of everyone that I hadn’t seen. My sister in law Linda confides that mild-mannered Tom stays up late studying his growing list of WWF boards and dreaming up strategies for destroying his mother and me. “He’s taking too much childish pleasure in his winning streak,” she emailed before encouraging me to “please take him down a notch.”

And Lorraine…my sweet cousin, the one I played hide-and-seek with around the old neighborhood? As “Little Carmela,” (her user name for WWF) she is as scary as a Soprano. Despite having many years writing for a living, I constantly lose to my daughter Rachel, who works in a biotech lab…go figure. And my saintly husband Bob, after cheerfully doing the dishes after dinner, retires to the couch, where I soon hear the familiar tinkling music that heralds that a WWF word has been played.

“Was that the game against me?” I ask plaintively. “I just (expletive) you!,” he chuckles triumphantly.

Our 13-year-old son, John, who asks many questions about spelling when he’s writing a paper for school, seems to have no trouble coming up with words like “bowery,” “qi,” and “jeed.” After getting trounced by him a few times I have decided not to cut him any more breaks.

As we speak I am trying to recover from a blow struck by mother-in-law Lois, who just pulled ahead of me. She too is a rabid competitor, not above playing words like “weewee” in order to score a few shameless points. This game was so close that she only had to play the word “tea” to pull ahead. What’s frustrating is that I have enough for a “bingo” (a 30-point bonus for using all of your seven letters) but no place to put it. I have a blank tile so I can play “slanted” or even “insulted” if I can find the right place on the board to play it.

So I fume, and in my frustration at the game with Lois and my continued losing streak I strike back at John, my youngest competitor. When the chance to play a bingo – the word “vinifera” – against John presents itself, I don’t hesitate. I remind myself that he played the word “jeed,” so he is not as helpless as he looks.

But, with 52 ill-gotten points now added to my score, I feel like the Cowardly Lion, chasing Toto and yelling, “Well, I’ll get you, Peewee!” But then, I haven’t felt any shame in this game for weeks. Shame evaporated when the word “dildo” cropped up in a game against my older son.

While I am thoroughly addicted, with 12 ongoing games and counting, I’ve resisted taking my addiction to the next level. Zynga will offer you the “zipless” experience (you Erica Jong fans will know what I mean) of being paired with a stranger for some anonymous WWF acrobatics. So far I have resisted. So far.

190 thoughts on “I’d like a “Word” with you…

  1. This sounds like the best reason so far for considering a smart phone. The intelligence of the phone I have now is such that it occasionally chooses not to ring, but leaves me a message instead – “missed call.” So far I haven’t learned how to find what I missed.

    My love of Scrabble goes back to the days when the whole family sat around the board with seven letters (each) carefully displayed on little wooden racks and a PRINTED, HARDBOUND dictionary at hand to resolve the question of whether ALVEOLUS is a word (it is, and we all knew it, but for 87 points we challenged it anyway). Ah, times past . . . and maybe, times future.

    Great post!

    • Anita, thanks so much for your comments, and for reading. I too pine for the old analog Scrabble. We have a board here but all of us just sit with our smart phones on the sofa and play one another in WWF. W still play lively board games with my in-laws in California, where we spend a lot of time calling out my father-in-law on questionable words. My mother-in-law and I like to finish the game with the junkiest non-words you can find, as a hilarious way to end it when our letters are hopeless. Lots of laughter.

      Looking forward to checking out your blog!

      • I love the WWF platform for “Scrabble.” It’s great fun! I’d love to play you, but not sure how to look up someone who is not a facebook contact. Well, happy playing! check out leekirs1. leekirstensblog here at WordPress sometime!

  2. Boggle is also nice! Hahaha 🙂

  3. love this game. great post.

  4. Love what you wrote! I am convinced I was playing Alec Baldwin when he was kicked off that plane! Maybe he was my random opponent? I love this game. I love whomping my know-it-all mother and my smarty-pants brother…and playing with old colleagues in Boston and the UK. It is totally addictive!

  5. My boyfriend once accused me of needing a WWF support group: I had 14 simultaneous games at one point.

    “Hi, my name is Mikalee, and I’m addicted to Words with Friends. Which is why I currently have ZERO games going. Though I recently read a Freshly Pressed post, and I’m considering asking the author to join me in one…”

    Your post is a gateway drug, my blogging friend.


  6. My husband and I sit in the same room for at least an hour with nary a word passing between us. We’re both playing WWF and we understand that it’s just that serious. We’ll see one another when we come up for air 😀

  7. Excellent post! I am an addict of Words with Friends. I try getting everyone I know to try it just so I have more people to play with!
    Actually by New Year non-resolution is to try and weane off. It is getting a bit out of hand!

  8. Wow.. I’ve never heard of this game.. sounds pretty cool.. Scrabble by itself is an awesome game and very addictive.. 🙂 Must check out this one ! Thanks for sharing .. Congrats on freshly pressed 🙂

  9. I have to give you an extra congratulations on this one since you got Freshly Pressed with the word “bullshit” in your post. Amazing! I guess there’s hope for the rest of us!

  10. This is ironic. I literally just posted a blog yesterday talking about how much I DON’T get the obsession with Words With Friends. Well…NOW I get it a little more. So, thank you! Ha!

  11. So funny! Word games are the ONLY games I can beat my husband at. He is so competitive and strategic. I pretty much suck at everything. But I’ve got him on the word games. I would be afraid to try WWF because I know I would be totally addicted. And so would he. And he would practice and then ultimately beat me…

    • Don’t be so sure that he’d beat you! I find that looking at the screen, with the person not in front of you, helps you be totally ruthless and methodical. It unleashes your inner Luca Brazi. Your husband will sleep with the fishes!

  12. Just got an android and started playing this game; it is completely addicting! I love it!

  13. I love WWF. I play as many ongoing games as I can. Love the post!

  14. Very interesting post. Thank goodness there’s no phone signal here at all – I’d never get anything done if this were available 😉

  15. Sounds like a great game. I will have to check it out. Thanks so much for the introduction and congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  16. Must get smartphone! Must play! Fresh pressed! Congratulate you!

  17. I love words, and I love scrabble. And I totally relate to the trounced feeling when my son comes up with words I had forgotten… must go look for the game for my phone. so much better than Bubble Blast

  18. My son is completely addicted to Words With Friends as well. My daughter and I are currently stuck on Letris. We’ve begun to move on from Angry Birds. 🙂

  19. I don’t have a smart phone but I love this game on my iPad. I’m not the best at this game but it’s still fun.

  20. I heard about this game and it sounds so fun. But I don’t use my cell for anything other than calling. I fear if I do use it for other things, I’ll become addicted, lol.

    Keep on gaming!


  21. This was a very fun post and exactly what I was getting ready to write on my blog. So, I unashamedly cut and paste (my PressThis didn’t work) and hope you don’t mind that it now appears on The Big Rant. It was too good to pass up. I gave you full credit so don’t be surprised it you have new traffic from my rant-lovers. Blog on!

  22. Ah..I love words with friends. Very, very addicting game. Good post and good insight!
    Good luck in your next game.

  23. Staying far away as poosible ! I am an old-school game freak as it is….if I already love scrabble, do i need it available 24/7 ????

  24. Love ‘words with friends’ It’s regularly turned a group of twenty something guys to consider a night in with the scrabble board rather than hitting the town on a Friday night. And I must confess to using the QI to gain some extra points!

    Good luck!

    Travel photos – http://lifeatellmac1.wordpress.com/

  25. they have scrabble now for droids, the real scrabble. i don’t like words with friends because you can sometimes get both a double word and triple word in the same word. real scrabble is set up to prevent that.

  26. This is a fabulous post! I went through a phase a while ago where I was also addicted, but then my phone stopped telling me when I had moves, and I forgot. I’ve recently started again, and the new challenge is to find people to play against who *don’t* beat the pants off of me. Enjoy those victories!

  27. I’m addicted to WWF. My fav word is ‘faqir’ I don’t know what it means, but it’s a great thing to do with a q!

  28. I’m still quite old-fashioned, and I prefer the actual gameboard scrabble, despite being far away from my mom, grandma and sister – the usual scrabble suspects! Recently got a scrabble for christmas, so I’m initiating my husband, who’s loved it so far! Great post, and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  29. Thanks for the warning! I have far too many addictions as it is – I don’t need to add WWFs.

    Congratulations on being FP’d!!

  30. What a fun post! I will have to find a way to play that game. You made it sound amazing! And I laughed out loud at this, “Our 13-year-old son, John, who asks many questions about spelling when he’s writing a paper for school, seems to have no trouble coming up with words like “bowery,” “qi,” and “jeed.” After getting trounced by him a few times I have decided not to cut him any more breaks.” 🙂 Very well done, congratulations on being Freshly Pressed — glad to have found another game lover out there!

  31. Well, there are worse addictions to carry around, i guess…

  32. Love this game as well 🙂

  33. I also play with some family members and friends. On on hand, it’s a nice interactive way to stay in touch with people who don’t live close to you, on the other hand, it inspires my competitive streak to heights I never thought possible.

  34. I’m “lanceschaubert” on there. Dare you to play me.

    Dare ya.

  35. Well, maybe I’m a real outlier, but my addiction is to Lexulous! That’s the (original) Facebook knock-off of Scrabble, and though WWF is now also available on Facebook, I’ve remained loyal to Lexulous. I do share your mania, though! These days when I come home (or walk back into the room after 5 minutes away), I check to see if it’s my turn on Lexulous before I check my email or voice mail. Anyone else out there a Lexulous fanatic?

    P.S. my favorite q word is “qi”–boy does that come in handy!

  36. I love scrabble and this is kind of like scrabble. I enjoy it a lot and some words it doesnt recognize and some words it allows it isn’t suppose to but over all it is the cleanest most streamlined and most far-reaching. I’m glad i am not alone in my addiction and love of it. btw dont do the random opponent……youll never come back to the light lol

  37. i love the way u write – i love this post – too funny!
    since going cold turkey & cutting myself off from Facebook games, i have sworn off these games & now only play single player games on my handphone & have restricted myself to just doing that when in waiting rooms (either for train/doctor etc)… but u r making WWF sound really tempting 😉

    • I was just telling someone the same thing about this post – even though I have tried to wean myself from all of the Zynga games on Facebook, the mere reading of this blog is inspiring me to ponder logging on just one more time.

  38. I totally get it, I too am hooked! I play the version on Facebook and nowadays it seems it has become an obsession for me, moreso than all my friends’ Facebook status updates. I must say I still play and prefer Scrabble though. The FB version of Scrabble has a mini dictionary that allows you to check the words before you play them, and while forming the words on the board, you get to see the value of the play. These are features that are not available on WWF, but never mind that, I still go there to get my fix, and sometimes spend hours at it…

  39. I’m afraid to get involved with addictive games, but this sounds like so much fun! I’m going to risk starting it my friends…

    Congratulations on getting freshly pressed!

  40. This post is hilarious! I knew I had a problem when I, with my writing career and M.A. in English, strutted like a rooster when I finally beat my grandmother after two or three months of steady gaming. I even took a picture of the screen on my phone, posted it to Facebook, and tagged her in it. :-/

  41. I went on a girl’s weekend and two of them played scrabble against each other on their phones all weekend! Even while playing a real game with two others! Now that’s addiction!!!

  42. Ha! I loved this post, and it so easy relatable in the age of smart phones, online games, and I can easily see myself getting up and doing the same things. You capture perfectly the spirit and joy of not only having a fun game to play, but also the ability to play it and enjoy the company (albeit via an electronic game) of playing with those who are out of sight. Your post really does a great job of capturing the joy of this game, and it seems from the comments that you are going to have many new friends to play with in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  43. I love WWF. I play via Facebook & my Kindle Fire. It’s very addictive!

  44. OMG, words with friends is the biggest addiction next to girlie fruitie drinks masked in alcohol!! Have you had a cosmo! It is yummy and addicting!! It is my little piece of heaven that kidnaps at least an hour of my time daily (ok, 2 but who’s counting)!

  45. Playing WWF has actually gotten me playing more traditional Scrabble with my parents, and I have even taught them a few useless, meaningless words, “qi” among them.
    Thanks for the fun post!

  46. Great Post 🙂 I’m Mooch215 on WWF if you want me to crush you ! Lol

  47. I didn’t know about this game..you have made my day! Last night I played old regular Scrabble on my Ipod when I couldn’t sleep and got “Squeeze” a double letter on the Q and double word as well bonus 7 letters and got well over 100 -I whooped aloud at about 4 am.Thanks Sue

  48. Isn’t it amazing how addicted we can become to games. My cell phone is a stupid phone, so I am not able to play any games on it. That is probably a good thing! Right now I seem to be hooked on a creative game where you have to mine stuff and then build your world and monsters and huge spiders come out at night to try and kill you??? Why??? LOL! Actually my 12 year old got me playing with him, and now has convinced me to put up a game server for him and his friends… I am such a sucker! That in itself will probably be a hilarious story once I am done with it! I am in the confused stage right now!

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    Peace be with You,
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  49. My dad is highly addicted too. I just couldn’t get into it, which is strange, because I LOVE scrabble.

  50. I am addicted to Scrabble… oh my goodness… I can see all my evenings disappearing with Words With Friends…had never heard of that before… thanks!

  51. Remarkable. I’m so GLAD that it’s all of YOU out there that are out there with me doing the Words!

  52. Great post! I absolutely adore WWF…although a lot of my friends and family now refuse to play against me… : (

  53. Hilarious post, I laughed out loud!

  54. I’ve never heard of that Scrabble rule!

  55. I used to be addicted, then I had to “step away” from the WWF app before I drove my husband nuts!

  56. WWF – World Wildlife Fund anybody ? . Now, I know why Alec Baldwin was willing to get kicked off the plane !!

  57. Agree, this is a hard addiction to break – but lately I find that I’m playing Hanging with Friends more than I’m playing WWF. It’s an equally tough addiction to break away from.

  58. So glad that you were “freshly pressed” by WordPress. My father and sister are caught up in the addictive cycles of WWF. At least ya’ll are being smart with your smart phones…


  59. Loved your post. I’m a WWF addict myself. I have it on all my devices so matter where i am I can play. It’s incredible how a $1.99 game for your smart phone can bring so much joy to your day. It’s always “one more game” when win just to make sure you gave your opponent a proper beating or “one more game” because you lost and you’re sure you’ll win the next time. .
    I have learned so many words like henbit and bijoux (feel free to use)… And I look them up to satisfy the geeky side of my personality.

    • I spend more time playing ‘rematches’ with folks because I hate to lose and I’m always trying to redeem myself!! I, too, look up the words…word geek is what they call me! Cool ain’t it?

  60. The line about using the word ‘dildo’ in a game with your son has officially sold me on this game – it sounds like a blast!

    Now. If someone could sell me on a smart phone I’d probably be addicted, too.

  61. I am Somebody’s Mom and I am addicted to Words with Friends. It has only been since Christmas when I started with my new computer. I have 6 or more games going all the time. If I have more going I will never get anything done. I need help.

  62. My name is Hedone. I am a WWF addict.

    My first encounter was with a stranger. Then I did it with my boyfriend the same day. Me on an iPad and him on his iPhone. We both got so into it that we paid for the no ads version.

    The most I’ve had going at one time is foursome. But if one of those partners takes too long to make a move (2-3 days), I go seeking others. I put out a call out on the twitter #WordsWithFriends classifieds.

    As if this wasn’t enough, I met another blogger friend for a secret rendevous–we were just Hanging with Friends. Then a stranger found me and asked if I liked it, I said YES! Hadn’t played hangman since I was a child, but I loved it then and I’m sure I’d love it now. The blogger friend, the stranger and I have been playing non-stop for a week. We are always playing at the same time, I go from one to the other like a desperate word-junkie looking for her next high.



  63. Ah, finally! A fellow blogger whose morning coffee is also shared over the competitive realms of WWF! 😀
    I love the way you write, and I relate to this post so much! Thank you, I had a good laugh!

  64. I love this game and have even reduced myself to beating my 13 year old niece, she never gives up though and I am sure a pounding will soon be delivered my way! Thanks for sharing!

  65. First off, I really enjoyed your post. I’m an addict to the game as well. Ironically, as the writer and avid reader in my family, I lose more often than I care to admit. Still, I love this game like I do most word games.They’re the only kind of games that I play. What’d be really cool is if you could hit a buzz button or something when your opponent is taking too long to play. LOL!

    Second, who are all of these people who DON’T have smartphones??? OMG!

  66. Words is my social calendar..

  67. That’s my mom, Little Carmela! I laughed out loud at your description of her; she is RUTHLESS when it comes to WWF. Great post!!

  68. I love this game too — but my children got tired of being beat by me – and then they started cheating!!! I tried to explain to them that I’m older so I know more words — but that didn’t help – I’m not sure if they were mad because I beat them at the game or if it’s because I know how to use a smart phone!

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  69. Wish I had a Smart Phone! Love Scrabble and Love your Posts!

  70. Let me tell ya…I play in the kitchen, bathroom, in bed, in line at the grocery store, at the red light…wherever I have time. CRAZINESS, yes! But, I actually look up the words I don’t know…I’m a geek like that. So I don’t feel bad that I have six games going right now compared to your 12?! Seriously? I’m too impatient and I start another game when my opponents take too freaking long! I’m actually better at HWF because I can visualize the words better. When you have words to play but no place to play them?? TORTURE!! But I persist! Glad to know there are other word geeks like me!

  71. I play words with my whole family and they always win like 150-320. It’s ridiculous. So I just use the cheat against them… Even though my dad knows when we use the cheat against him and he just quits out. 😒 talk about no fun..

  72. I’ve had the same frustrations and successes with WWF! We all have. Great post. I shared it with those I “compete” with.

  73. I used to WWF with my friends and random opponents on Facebook, but haven’t played in at least six months. Waiting forever for my opponent to take their turn aggravated the stuffing out of me, so I didn’t get into “obsession mode” with it like I have with other games.

    I played Zynga Poker for hours at the weekends and late at night until I weaned myself off of it. Zynga is like a drug dealer luring you in with all the good stuff, aren’t they? *sigh*

  74. awesome post! Dint know WWF had got a new meaning till i read it.. am a huge scrabble fan so will definitely check out WWF now.. great writing..

  75. Hi Sandwich Lady, Congratulations on being freshly pressed. I’m glad I found your blog there because it appears we have much in common (and if either one of us grows weary of the demands of blogging we could create a single blog – Sliced Sandwiches at Mid-Life).

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your entries.

  76. Hah, I’m an old school scrabbler. Kids n their crazy games nowadays…

  77. I have the official Scrabble game on my phone and what annoys the hell out of me is when it doesn’t register real words.

    P.S. ave noted; qi, suq, qat, and za for my next family venture

  78. nice game but my mobile is not saported

  79. I began doubting myself when my brother destroyed me every single time – without fail. Then I caught him using scrabble cheat-o-matic…. lol

  80. I LOVE this game – but found I needed to get out and take a walk, or read a book, or you know, have a conversation with someone. It didn’t work out as well as I’d hope and have since returned to the game…

  81. I believe ‘qat’ is a drug popular in the Middle East. I have no idea what ‘qi’ means, but I’ve used it to kick ass at times… I’ve also been through a Words With Friends addiction, but a busy couple of weeks forced me to go cold turkey. I still play it, but not to obsessive levels.


    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  82. My wife and I seem to settle most arguments on the basis of who won our last game of Words with Friends.

    There is nothing friendly about this game.

    I love it!!

  83. i too am addicted with 14 ongoing games. I;ve gotten to be quite good at it. The american spelling os a problem for me though let me tell you!

  84. love the way you write!

  85. Sounds interesting. I just got my first smartphone and I haven’t had the chance to download anything yet, but this game sounds wonderful! I’ve been a Scrabble lover since childhood. Till now, my mom and I still try to set aside time for a couple games during the weekend.
    Thanks for sharing!

  86. well i too play this with my other half and half of my facebook friends (you can play it live on facebook too people if you havent realised) it is a wicked game to just sit there and play and worth the money to buy it too.

  87. i feel you… i’m addicted too!

  88. I have been resisting the urge to purchase a smartphone, but this is definitely pulling me in that direction. 😀

  89. Completely addicted. I often play the person I’m sitting next to!

  90. When it comes to in-laws & scrabble, my position is win early & win often. They won’t forget. Don’t allow those 2 letter word lists. Good luck, great post!

  91. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Your post has inspired me to pull out my Scrabble game … and make a sandwich! 😆

  92. I admit, I can get lost for hours playing Scrabble on pogo.com. I also love the fact that it has a built in dictionary and if you click on the word, it gives you the definition without changing screens. Love it!

  93. I am completely and utterly addicted to WWF. I had no idea that there was a limit to the number of games you are allowed to play at one time … but I just hit it two days ago. Go figure.

  94. Congrats on making Freshly Pressed!

    My mom got me hooked on this game a while back, and I can’t stop playing! For Christmas, I hacked her Facebook account and paid for her to have no ads. She loved it.

  95. lol I play on my phone!

  96. Thanks for the post! I’ve been wondering what it was all about–since the fateful Alec Baldwin incident!

  97. Great post, I love scrabble and really ought to try this. Mostly I play against the computer which is getting a little dull to be honest..

  98. Hi 🙂
    I am a fellow blogger and have just been awarded “The Versatile Blogger” award by another blogger. (Please understand that I know little about it but am grateful to have been awarded it.)

    As far as I can make out it is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers whose work/blogs they appreciate.

    Part of getting this award is that you have to pass it along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.

    Since I have visited your blog a few times now and really enjoyed it (albeit that I normally prefer to just read it and then leave, I thought I would award this award to you also as the author of a blog I enjoy reading.

    I have also, as part of this, detailed your blog on one of my blogs “Voices of Glass” http://voicesofglass.com/2012/01/10/yay-an-awar-now-that-is-somewhat-bemusing/

    I hope you don’t mind and understand that I really do enjoy your blog which is why I included it in my list.
    Kind Regards,


  99. Ha-ha, see? Who said learning and addicting games can’t go together like ham and cheese?

  100. What a great read. Completely understand. I’m one of those sad peeps in life who gets a thrill out of the joy of words and the english language in general. Don’t always get them right, but have enormous fun trying.

  101. Nice post! I have the same obsession with WWF, in fact, I just finally sprung for the non-ads version. I usually have 5-7 games going on concurrently. I really dislike, however, that it allows you to keep guessing at words without penalty – that’s my biggest dissatisfaction with the game. Also, if one more opponent plays QI I think I might cry.

  102. I’ve found playing with strangers enormously fun, but boy, it does seem that I always get the naughty words when I do. I swear it is an accident. (BTW, my name on WWF is “Heidi Joy – go!” if you want a run for the money.) Also, don’t forget QIS as an acceptable word.

  103. OMG, I’m a Scrabble addict! I just love the game, never seem to get enough of it! You have voiced my thoughts…exactly! Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed.. 🙂

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  105. Such a well written post – on such a great topic. I’m taking a break from my 6 WWF games right now, to make this comment. Glad I got to read it!

  106. Great post and I didn’t know this game…
    Now I have to go and get it :)))

  107. My human is addicted to Words With Friends too!

  108. Im not going near that game! I’m sure I would become hooked too.

  109. This post is well written. I can type “lol” while actually laughing out loud rather than giving me tablet/iphone blank stare. You need to try hanging with friends though. Its much more fun.

  110. Great Post! I am hooked!

  111. That game really does something to otherwise normal people. I had a really good laugh, and took a screen shot of the phone, upon seeing that “slut” wasn’t an appropriate word, but my competitor had no trouble coming up with usable obscenities. Oh well! All in good fun, right?

  112. Angry Birds was bad enough… I might have to try WWF 🙂

  113. Nothing tops winning a game of WWF against an annoying family member, a cocky ex or the guy that starts every sentence with “…Actually”. Sometimes when I get away with playing a word like Japan (it takes that, FYI) or haj I feel guilty for a second but then I remember, THIS IS WWF, TAKE YOUR MEDICINE STARTRK3459!

    (Grat post BTW)

  114. You captured my gaming experience so well. I guess this is a universal addiction. I also have a sister-in-law, Linda, and have seen her dark side from playing this game (well, actually I play online Scrabble but it’s the same idea and same addiction). What a great blog. I look forward to checking some other posts.

  115. I logged onto that game from work, in a classroom…. and omg, I wasted the whole day playing it. I was so ashamed of myself. Good thing I’m not the real teacher, I was just the substitute…

  116. i love this post! i too am an addict… it’s like scrabble that’s portable without losing the letters! my username for WWF is “rudegurl82”

  117. Ooo, this post tempts me to reload it! I took it off because it kept crashing my phone. This is a shortcoming of the phone, not the game. Sigh. I was beating my son every three or four days.

  118. This is such a fun game. I usually have several games going with the same person at once.

  119. If you’re lucky, you’ll also have a side of good conversation with your WWF game 🙂

  120. I go through phases. I have to cut myself off completely from WWF. I will go weeks with little to no sleep because I can’t help but grab my phone when I hear the BEEP, notifying me of my turn…even if it is 3am. It’s scary how serious some people take the game, though. My husband’s co-worker was well known for kicking major ass, so I decided to take him on. He beat me the first time, but I won the 2nd two times. He refused to play me again, said it was “fishy” that I’d won twice in a row against him, then told the office that I CHEATED!
    Awesome post!

  121. Great! I have to try this in Facebook 😀

  122. My brother has asked me to play him in this game several times… I’m way too competitive to even start this with him. Can you imagine holidays with either him or I gloating about a big win? Yikes! I’ll keep the relationship as is for the sake of our whole family and anyone who has to deal with me!

  123. Oh this is my newest addiction too!! I played it for HOURS on our drive from Texas to Michigan over the holidays. I find myself perusing the dictionary everyday now making lists of obscure words made up mostly of vowels. sigh. the bathrooms will never get clean.

    • You are a real diehard! Try to keep clearing your head periodically. I went for a walk this morning but now my cell phone with its 13 waiting games on WWF beckons. Trying so hard to resist…

  124. What a joy to find you from Charles blog…Love your post and your easy flowing style of writing…
    What a relief to know that this addiction to WWF is global…starting from rushing for my first cuppa tea and first move of the day 🙂 I do however miss Scrabble…we played it as a family with my parents and cousins many, many moons ago…those were the days! Today, WWF is a game of choice…I have far too many games going on…I love it…
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed…

  125. i liked this post.

  126. Thank you for this delightfully fun post. I can guarantee, at this point, that I’m not addicted to WWF, because I can only get it to open about once every other day, maybe. It doesn’t like my connection. But I do have fun with it, despite being beaten most of the time by my competitors. I look at it as a bit of a learning experience to help keep my mind a little sharper and improve my vocabulary a bit.


  127. Woah! That’s a lot of comments. Here’s one more: Nice header pic.

  128. ahhhh i’ve seen one person playing this now that i think about it. i shall try to avoid

  129. I am a “sandwich” blogger too….thanks for making the WWF addiction sound so normal and fun!!!

  130. Loved your post – it seems we lead parallel lives. I use the FB Scrabble app and Lexulous, but the long distance family competition is so similar it’s scary. 🙂 Thanks for an entertaining read and congrats on being freshly pressed!


  131. I play a similar game, Wordfued on my smartphone with my girlfriend all the time and usually get trounced though we have so many laughs with it, mainly at the random words we find. Great post made me smile.

    • I;ll have to check that out! I do something similar when my mother-in-law and I play the board version of scrabble…just make nonsense words at the end to get rid of the stray letters. We have a lot of laughs. Thanks so much for commenting.

  132. I too got addicted to words with friends and then hanging with friends. My husband was beginning to feel left out when I was curled up on the couch playing for long periods of time…lol….after so long I couldn’t keep up with the amount of friends I was playing against. So I gave it up and got back to daily duties. I really enjoyed reading your post, it gave me an early morning smile!;)

  133. Ah, Words With Friends, the number 1 way I can tell my friends that I’m the king of Scrabble! I had the phase of it, it’s a brilliant game, it’s a shame they actually beat Scrabble to it, who only made a game through “Family Fun Night” on the Xbox 360, I believe.

    Liked and Followed. You play one of the best games I’ve ever played.

  134. I, too, love your post. And, I’m amazed at the number of comments. Just reinforces how popular WWF has become and how addicted so many of us are. I wrote a similar blog post – called “A Few Words with Friends for the Holiday Season” a couple of weeks ago. See http://abitravelblog.wordpress.com. Here’s to connecting in whatever ways work best!

  135. LOL wow looks like you hit a chord here with all the replies. Yes, I play WWF as well. I’ve got a match going with my husband, father-in-law, two with my sis-in-law and EIGHT with one of my friends. I’m an amateur compared to these guys and they beat the snot out of me, but I’m having fun nonetheless. I try so hard to get the TW and just as hard to avoid setting up my opponent for the TW. That’s my challenge 🙂

  136. I just counted. I have 15 games going on. “Weewee” made me laugh.

  137. Scrabble addicts unite! Sounds like words with friends is the new fun. Must go get it now. And seriously, what is za and qat?

  138. Words with strangers are most frustrating when said stranger abandons the game halfway thru…

  139. I find Words with Friends overrated, especially considering it’s just Scrabble with networking. Do you really see anybody posting about how obsessed they are with Scrabble now and how great a game it is? No, we just get stuff about this mobile game. It’s kind of funny to me.

  140. I loved this, well done! Words With Friends is the best, my mom and I play all the time. It’s so addicting.

  141. I too find myself spending time on this game with friends. Some of them are vicious and take delight in racking up big scores. I can not resist gloating on the rare occasion I win against a couple of them. Not exactly what a man of my profession (clergy) should be doing, gloating in another’s defeat. You know it’s popular when every member of a dinner group I belong to has their smart phone out and is exchanging player names and beginning games while seated around a table in a restaurant! It must have been an odd sight for the rest of the patrons, 8 men playing with their phones around a table after dinner.

  142. Nothing is more satisfying than a good game of scrabble. Words with friends is easily a close second.

  143. When we all get together at the cabin, we haul out the old fashioned ‘board’ games. Our favourite is a word game called bananagrams. It doesn’t require a board, so is very portable!

  144. I love playing all types of games especially word and card games.

  145. What fun! Do you want to play?

  146. I too was addicted and it lasted just about six or seven months. I played while we watched tv, as my husband drove me hither and yon, shucks I was so addicted I played during our once a week date nights while out to dinner.

    Alas, my addiction has passed and I haven’t played a word or dared to think about the game in four months, but you know what they say about addiction…it lurks just around the corner.

  147. You’re right, these games are addictive. It’s scary isn’t it? I play Words, Scramble, and Hanging With Friends. Too much! But don’t worry about your “shameless” WWF points, I once got 96 points with the word “jars.” Go figure.

    BTW, hilarious entry! And, unfortunately for humans, all too real.

  148. I’m so competitive, that I call it “Words With People That Use to Be My Friend”.

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  151. Thanks for spending some time in order to publish “Id
    like a Word with you | The Sandwich Lady”.
    Thank you once again -Leila

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