Followup: When ‘Words With Friends’ Opponents Fall in Love

My loyal followers know of my obsession with Words With Friends, the online Scrabble-like game that you play with friends.  My blog about it was on “Freshly Pressed” and had more than 10,000 views over a three-day period.  Many of you started following The Sandwich Lady after that blog, and I’ve gotten to know many talented bloggers through their  comments on this one and my other blog posts.

This morning I learned that Words with Friends has has helped several formerly-random opponents to fall in love! Here is the Wall Street Journal’s wonderful story about it, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The phenomenon shows the power of social media, which apparently now includes games as well as internet dating sites such as, in bringing people together.  While my husband and I met the “analog” way — working side by side at the school newspaper at Penn State — I have to say that Words With Friends has definitely spiced things up.  It is the only time we are truly ruthless with each other, allowing us to indulge a totally competitive side that never permeates our other interactions.  This morning we gave each other wonderful goofy hand-made Valentines.

And while I am happily married and not looking for love, I have enjoyed meeting new WWF friends who have been great competitors.  Thanks to JaggedCell, georgegeorgegeorge and lanceshaubert for some terrific games.

7 thoughts on “Followup: When ‘Words With Friends’ Opponents Fall in Love

  1. Interesting….however I would swear there is no love lost between you and Tom. I hope only when playing Words With Friends.

  2. Linda, you know I love Tom –and you! My cutthroatedness in WWF in no way represents my true feelings!

  3. I met my sweetheart- husband through and we scrabble dated for awhile! We had scrabble boards as wedding decor!

  4. My wife has caught the bug and downloaded the game onto my cellphone. Little does she know that I read your previous article and will ascert my dominance with qi, suq, qat, and za. heheheh

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