Why I Canceled ‘More’ Magazine

This was a post from long ago, when I had no followers!  Wanted to re-blog to see how others felt!

The Sandwich Lady

Is there any other midlife woman out there who gets annoyed when she reads MORE magazine?
I canceled my subscription last year after their story about Nancy Pelosi. The story itself, by Lynn Scherr, was great…well-balanced, neither fawning nor trashing. What bugged me was the tease for it on the cover: “The most hated woman in America.”
Who are they talking about? I wondered, since the tease did not include a name. Is it the woman who drowned her kids? Ruth Madoff? Casey Anthony?
Instead, their “most hated woman” could indeed be the epitome of MORE’s target reader: middle-aged or older, impossibly well-coifed, impossibly well-dressed, well-spoken and rich. A woman who has everything except self-doubt.
And that’s what else bothered me, beyond MORE’s assumption that Pelosi is universally hated. MORE is more or less for older women who have the world figured out. Does that include you?
I’ll admit that…

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4 thoughts on “Why I Canceled ‘More’ Magazine

  1. The magazine made a mistake….they were referring to “Shuck and Jive” Palin.

  2. I admire Nancy Pelosi. She makes things happen.

  3. I agree with you completely. A few years back, when More was under a different editor, I happened to pick up a copy and was pleasantly surprised by the substance and thoughtfulness of many of the articles. But it has noticeably changed and after reading yet another piece espousing the wondrous miracles of plastic surgery, I said I was done with it. Its silliness is just demeaning and not worth my time.

  4. Karen, totally agree. Thanks for commenting!

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