An Unfaithful Blogger Crawls Back

Please accept this digital bouquet and my apology for being less than faithful over the past month.

In the spirit of David Petraeus, I am reaching out to my faithful followers with a digital bouquet and an apology.

I’m sorry if I’ve been unfaithful to all of you who put your faith in me by being very absent over the past few weeks. I can tell by looking at my stats that you are disappointed in me, and rightfully so. If my stats graph were a GPS system I’d be way on the outskirts of the city right now, the peaks far behind me, heading past dull single-story storefronts towards nowhere, until one day when I log on and see that nobody has read me. I would be lost in the wilderness without you.

I’ve gone back and read my earlier blogs, when everything was so fresh and new and I felt so witty, with the regret of a recently separated woman looking at her wedding album. How did this happen? How did I let you, my loyal reader, down so much by letting so much time elapse since my last post? I can come up with a million explanations, all of them true: the dog ate up all my time; I’ve had company nonstop; some paying work that I just had to do; I’ve been eating too many carbs now that cold weather has arrived, which dulls my brain; and – most painful of all – I had no ideas.

My blog represents the first time in decades that I’ve written just for pleasure and for the thrill of connecting with people, rather than for a grade or a paycheck. Writing for fun and for this connection has been a joy. My blogging friends inspire me every day. But after 14 months and some 80 posts I feel tired and in a slump. I feel as if all the great ideas that were waiting in my head to burst out and be blogged about are all gone. Each day I don’t blog makes it harder to blog again.

Meanwhile I get email after email announcing new posts from bloggers I follow and adore…reminding me of how badly I’ve fallen behind.

But I just wanted to let you know that I am back and promise to be more faithful in the future. And I am asking you for help. Have you ever been in a slump? How did you get your blogging mojo back? Do you make a vow to just post something every day even if it’s half-baked, at the risk of lowering your standards and becoming a so-so blogger? Do you look to newspapers, magazines and other blogs for inspiration? Help me out here!

And please accept my apology and my promise to do better.

I’d send all of you some of this if I could.

17 thoughts on “An Unfaithful Blogger Crawls Back

  1. We should talk.
    Seriously…we should talk.

  2. Welcome back! I’ve missed these 🙂 and don’t worry, you’ll have a wave of inspiration hit again 🙂

  3. we are bloggers–we forgive easily and welcome you back wholeheartedly

  4. Thank you! I am humbled and heartened by your forgiveness.

  5. We all go through slumps. I’ve never gotten paid for my writing, but I enjoy the DP challenges- gets your mind thinking in new pathways. Go to Daily Post. OR- open a magazine that has interesting photos like Nat. Geo, Newsweek, or Life and write 1000 words on the first photo you see. As to the unfaithful r&r , let’s just call it a creative vacation and never let me hear about it again. 😉

  6. Blogging about not blogging, now that was an inspired idea. I’ve missed The Sandwich Lady. Glad she’s back.

  7. Don’t worry! We all have slumps in many aspects of our lives! Often times, at least for me, a creative slump means that you have a period of inspiration and great ideas ahead of you. This is so cliche and over-used, but life is a roller coaster! You may be down for a little, but you’ll eventually work your way back up. I still love your blog, even though you say you’re in a slump haha.

  8. You are entitled to blog as frequently or infrequently as you wish. Personally, I find it very hard to blog often and stay fresh with ideas as many people seem able to do. I keep a backlog of posts, created during those brief moments of inspiration, stashed away for those non-creative slumps.

  9. Great advice, my curmudgeonly friend!

  10. Cathy no need for apologies ..I have been in a slump since the hurricane ..Valerie,s house is still standing her neighborhood is destroyed … It will take time and strength to get back to the so called Normal ..she had her sister and brother
    In law to live with and we gladly took care of her pets ..all things cosidered very lucky.. Life always has it,s up,s and downs it is how we take
    The ride that is important!

  11. Definitely welcome back! I keep a list of possible things to blog about if I can’t think of other things. Old stories, things that happen to me that day, etc.

  12. Great post. I do the same thing from time to time. I think it may be some undiagnosed adult ADHD I may have, at least that’s what makes me feel better. For me, inspiration comes in the form of my everyday life and observing those around me. I think I just become a bit lazy and distracted with life and forget about my blog and reading others posts. I often feel guilty when I get the emails of new posts and simply don’t log on.

  13. Welcome back, think it is hard not to hit a blogging low point sometimes, it happens to everyone.

  14. Today, I sat in an internet cafe to actually finish a blog. First time ever, I think. I realized sitting in the house is bad for my blog mojo. Anyway, don’t feel bad, I’m very inconsistent myself and haven’t quite been able to get off the ground, so to speak. I didn’t realize that you have to take a break and breath, otherwise you get overwhelmed and the next thing you know, it’s all downhill from there. Thanks for the wonderful post, I look forward to reading more about you.

    • Siegrid,thanks so much for your encouragement and for following me! I am ready to post another one soon…it seems that just blogging about not blogging was enough action to start stirring up some other ideas. As with physical exercise, sometimes you just have to get off the couch and do something, even if it starts off half hearted.

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