The Art of De-Christmasing

Christmas has been buried at our house. The tree is at the end of the driveway, awaiting the hearse. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Christmas has been buried at our house. The tree is at the end of the driveway, awaiting the hearse. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Over the years my enthusiasm for full-blown Christmas displays has declined. This year was the simplest one yet. We did not have a big party as we have in years past. We put up a tree and decorated it with white lights and beloved ornaments, including a new one bearing the likeness of our new miniature dachshund. While we have at least a dozen cottages, mansions and stores in our porcelain Christmas village, and dozens more miniature people and street lamps, this year we just put out a few.

That made it very easy to de-Christmas this year. Yesterday my mom and I listened to Andrea Boccelli sing Christmas songs one last time as we took the ornaments off the tree. Then my husband and I dragged the tree out the back door like a dead body – think Scarlett and Melanie dragging the Yankee soldier – as it left a trail of dehydrated needles. It seems like a heartbeat ago that we were picking it out at the garden center — as always, debating the merits of balsam vs. frazer — and the kids were decorating it with ornaments that date back decades. Now it sits forlornly at the end of the driveway, stripped of its baubles like a bankrupt debutante, waiting for the Boy Scouts to pick it up Saturday. But I am ready for a fresh start.

The house has been cleaned top to bottom; the white candles, porcelain Santas and Christmas villages packed away in plastic tubs; and everything looks as fresh and pristine as the snow outside our windows. The hubbub of Christmas is over and the social calendar is clear until Super Bowl Sunday.

While I know better now than to make resolutions I can’t keep, this quiet time of year allows for some introspection. Here are some of the things I hope to do better in 2013.

  • Listen more, instead of chomping at the bit to jump in with my own observations.
  • Be less petty. Try to see the good in people. Be less cynical.
  • Eat better. I’m trying to recover from binging on holiday cookies and hors d’ oeuvres but it’s tough not to want hearty stews, casseroles, tuscan bread and noodle soups.
  • Make more time for friends and family who really need me. Be less self-centered and more tuned in to what others need.
  • Take piano lessons so that I can get out of my playing rut and reverse longstanding bad habits.
  • Resume Rosetta Stone sessions in Spanish
  • Write more often, and post more blogs
  • Enjoy the inspiring posts of my terrific blogging friends

Happy New Year to all my readers!!!

4 thoughts on “The Art of De-Christmasing

  1. Dear Sandwich Lady, The thoughtfulness of your 2013 resolutions indicates you are probably doing better at all of those things than most people do. Looking forward a new year of your inspiring blog!

    Patty Rhule


  2. Listen more and be less cynical–two I shall adopt also

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