Living to See 100

Today is The Sandwich Lady’s hundredth blog post!  I feel like it should be something profound but am at a loss for words.  So here is a picture that depicts the awe and delight that I feel in reaching this milestone.   Image

Not to use such a crass symbol, but I include it because it’s something you don’t see every day. Frankly I wasn’t sure I’d see this day either.  As you may have noticed (or maybe you didn’t; and that’s OK), I was absent for almost two months when life got busy, and was stuck at 98 posts during that time.  During this absence regular emails arrived announcing new posts from other bloggers that I follow, and I felt guilty and ashamed.  But I was able to climb out of the rut and here we are!

Over the past 21 months I’ve written about many things that have been close to my heart – my husband and children, my extended family, the changing relationships of midlife, my car, my pets, popular culture.  I’ve been Freshly Pressed once, for my blog about Words With Friends, and received more than a few Versatile Blogger honors.  While the attention can be dizzying and fun, what has been most satisfying is getting to know the other talented bloggers out there.  They are among the most nurturing people I’ve ever met and have inspired and encouraged me so much.

Here are a dozen of my favorites.  There are many more and I apologize for anyone I’ve left out.

Mostly Bright Ideas – my fellow Catholic, Charles, could have been the guy in the other confessional during grade school.

On the Home Front and Beyond – Louanne writes prolifically and from the heart, and has the most enviably long list of devoted followers and commenters, which she truly deserves.  She is a champion of finding bliss in little everyday things and enjoying life.

Grown and Flown – Lisa and Mary Dell write about the challenges of raising adult children with great candor and courage.  Their blog post about the myths of raising older children (it really doesn’t “get easier”) will reassure any parents who worry about whether they did a “good job.”

Curmudgeon at Large – This guy is one of the funniest bloggers I know; just reading his “about” page makes me laugh.  And not sure if he looks like Statler or Waldorf from the Muppets.

Life in the Boomer Lane – always witty and funny; Rene is a real soul mate.  Her recent post about customized funerals — and her classic, deservedly-Freshly-Pressed post about Goldie Hawn being caught without makeup — were terrific!

Raising my Rainbow – “CJ’s Mom” writes with humor and grace about raising a son who really wants to be a girl, and helping him deal with the outside world.

Slice of Midlife – Allison writes beautifully about midlife and motherhood, and through her blog I often find my way to interesting articles that have appeared on those subject.

A Clown on Fire – LeClown is a brilliant subversive; his perspectives are sure to scorch through your preconceived ideas and help you think a new way. “If you never want to leave your comfort zone, I suggest Martha Stewart,”  LeClown writes. His tagline proclaims “because every day is fucking magical.”

A California Galivant – my neighbor and friend Kelly writes about moving from Massachusetts to California; the cross-country drive there and the adjustments they have made.  Kelly is a gifted artist who also happens to be a brilliant writer. Her post about having a palm for a Christmas tree is a classic!

Bunkycooks – Gwen writes about her culinary travels, and her posts are accompanied by lush photography and great recipes.  I want her life!

Erica DeMane – Reading her posts about southern Italian cooking is like being back in my aunt’s kitchen.

Evolequals – A gay dad writes about raising his children.  His recent Father’s Day piece will bring a lump to your throat.

Well, now that my hundredth blog is done, looking forward to at least 100 more. Thanks to all my family members, friends and fellow bloggers who got me to this milestone. Thanks to all the people who pushed “like,” even if they never visited again, and thanks to the people who visited often and who commented.  Looking forward to sharing more with you and to learning from you!

11 thoughts on “Living to See 100

  1. Congrats on 100 posts! Blogging is all about setting your own timetable and though we are all glad you are back, you are the driver of this bus. Stopping off to do other things for any length of time is a healthy way of belonging to the blogging community!

  2. Love your blog and the tribute to the fellow bloggers. Look forward to reading many more. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on your 100th! Love your write ups of some of your favourite bloggers and am so happy to be on the list. I follow a lot of the ones you do, but found a couple I did not know about. Just keep doing what you are doing and we will be here!

  4. Thank you, thank you for your kind mention. We are out here in the ether, fans of the Sandwich Lady. Congrats on your milestone.

  5. Thanks, Ladies! Looking forward to many more of your great stories.

  6. I’m so glad you’re back!! I really missed reading your blogs!

  7. Congratulations for 100 posts and thank you for mentioning me among such honored company.
    Now excuse me while I go throw things at the neighbors.

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